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Ready to feel CONFIDENt when you present?
Want to finally give presentations that showcase your authority, persuade audiences, and get results?

Present with Confidence

Let’s turn your fear into confidence

You’re ready to finally say yes to taking the panic out of presenting so that instead of staying up until 1am scrambling with slides, you have a reliable, repeatable process, and formula for public speaking poise and success.

Is this you?

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While you’ve been successful in your career for over a decade, you’re not about to let anyone in on your secret: When it comes to giving a presentation, you don’t actually know where to start. You’ve skated by for the past few years, but the stakes are getting higher and you’re convinced someone is going to shine a flashlight on your process and figure out your kryptonite.

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You spend hours mincing about your presentations. You prepare….to prepare… present. You’re trapped on your perfectionistic hamster wheel. It’s hard for you to start a presentation because you want it to be done right...but you aren’t sure what right exactly is, so you continue to over-analyze that e-mail your boss sent about what’s expected, and over-stress about what questions might get asked during Q&A because you have got to be prepared for them.

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You stress about giving a presentation because, deep down, you’re afraid people won’t listen or actually care about what you have to share. Besides, you think, someone else has already shared this same information before, so why do people need to hear it from you? You end up phoning in your presentations because who really cares anyway?

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You’ve got it made: you know the facts add up, the data is correct, and the graphs perfectly illustrate your point. But your presentations fall flat. You’ve been told you’re dry, blunt, or worst of all, unrelatable. There’s a tiny voice inside your head that says you need to be better at delivering your message and making it memorable.

Imagine if...

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You didn’t have to wing it or guess about how to put together a successful presentation. You had a clear, effective, proactive process.

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You stopped spinning your wheels while destroying your cuticles and took actionable steps toward a slam-dunk presentation.

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You were able to sleep soundly the night before a presentation because you knew exactly why and how your presentation was going to stand out and kick a$$.

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You knew not only what to say, but more importantly, how to say it and nail your delivery.

8 week course

Present With Confidence

Is an 8-week professional development program focused on your presentation skills

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Convert your natural talents into speaking skills to feel comfortable in the spotlight as you.

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Create a personal speaking confidence formula that you can apply to any future presentation, meeting, or interview

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Learn and practice the fundamentals of a persuasive presentation so you’re prepared to speak, not left speechless or scrambling

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Practice techniques to finesse your delivery to keep listeners engaged and on the edges of their work from home chairs

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Work with me one-on-one for guidance and coaching to uncover your capabilities and talents while getting a boost of confidence.

This course is your blueprint for confidence, authenticity, and influence as a presenter.

Present With Confidence is for you if....
You’ve had “work on my public speaking skills” on your to-do list, but just haven’t gotten around to it.
You’re over feeling unprepared and overwhelmed when asked to present or even simply introduce yourself in a meeting.
You're done with frantically googling “presentation help” the night before you present.

-  You're ready to advance in your career thanks to feeling confidence in your public speaking skills
-  You want speaking guidance from an expert who can also give you accountability to show up and practice.
-  You do well in programs or courses like those 6-week exercise boot camps you know you can commit your time and energy to.
This is your boot camp, just without the leg-warmers and leotards, for presenting.
(If you want to wear leg warmers, I’m all for it.)
Present With Confidence is uniquely designed to first show you your inner strengths and how to put them on display in a presentation. Second, you’ll learn how to create, build, and deliver a persuasive presentation from start to finish.

Let’s make it happen

Here’s how it works

Each week we'll work together to master a different part of your skill set, confidence, nerves, presentations, slides, and more.

Week One
Identify and examine your unique skills, gifts, and expertise to stand out, not fit in
Week Two
Find what makes your confidence tick so you can amplify it
Week Three
Learn how to persuade audiences so you're seen and sought out for your expertise
Week Four
Craft language that resonates with you to persuade everyone from peers and executives
Week Five
Build your presentation roadmap to speak clearly and compellingly
Week Six
Make slides your co-workers will be jealous of
Week Seven
Grow your delivery techniques to hook listeners
Week Eight
Enhance your virtual speaking skills for maximum impact
Week Nine
Deliver a presentation that captivates and persuades with confidence


This 8-week course has extremely limited availability.

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This course is for you if

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You feel like you’re facing off with the nasty trio of anxiety, nervousness, and fear when you’re asked to give a presentation and want a plan for confidence, poise, and self-assuredness.

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You’re accomplished in your field of expertise, but when it comes to talking about yourself, your team, and your results, you struggle which is tough because you know you’re missing opportunities to shine.

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You drag your feet when you have to present. You know it’s probably good exposure for you and your career, but it’s just so daunting that you can’t find the time to properly prepare a speech, let alone know if what you’ve written is worthwhile.

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Want to know how to infuse your personality with a presentation. You’re ready to maximize your speaking potential and take charge of your nerves.

Present With Confidence will help you...

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Get clear on what makes you come alive as a presenter

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Show you how to craft a personalized confidence formula that will build you up

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Stand out as an expert worth listening to with valuable insights, results, and content

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Stop stressing and guessing about what to present and have a definitive roadmap

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Deliver clear, concise, and effective messages



By the end of Present With Confidence, you’ll...

Feel confident in your skills and putting them on display in a presentation (hooray!)

Actually find joy in creating your next presentation because you have a proven process

Understand how to convert anxiety to excitement that fuels your future speeches
Have a full-blown persuasive presentation with soundbites, content, and data you can re-use in other presentations, meetings, and interviews.


Your COach
Daily, I work with clients like you who want to feel more confident and less afraid when it comes to presenting. Like you, they’re committed to improving, getting results, and seeing success.
But, it’s not easy. Tackling your public speaking fears, unlearning poor advice, and reframing harsh criticism you’ve received in the past can feel like rolling a boulder uphill.

Believe me, I get it: I don’t know how to cook. I’ve put off learning how to cook for so long by telling myself “you’re not good at cooking,” letting my husband do the lion’s share (OK, fine, all of it), and purchasing takeout. The result: I’ve developed nerves and anxiety around cooking. It now feels like this mountain I have to climb, but am wholly unprepared, and what if I mess up?

Sound familiar?

You’ve put off focusing on your presentation skills and building confidence as a speaker for years.

You’ve probably even told yourself that you’re not good at presenting.

It’s gotten to the point that you’ve developed some big nerves and fear around speaking as a result. Perhaps some of those nagging feelings have felt like they’ve always existed, but they’ve persisted.

I get it.

My job is to help you identify your strengths, convert them into presentation skills, and build a proven process for presentations that will allow you to stress less, and feel confident. I’ve worked with clients on their presentation skills for over 10 years now, and I know you are full of public speaking potential.

I believe you’re incredibly skilled. I can’t wait to show you what I see in you, and watch you start believing in yourself.


Ready to feel CONFIDENt when you present?

Want to finally give presentations With confidence, that persuade audiences, and get results?

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The goal of Present With Confidence is for you to become a more confident, effective, and informed persuasive public presenter.

You’ll achieve this by first analyzing and understanding your specific talents and second, how to amplify them through researching, implementing, developing, and improving your persuasive speaking skills and techniques.


How much time can I expect to spend on the course each week?

Most clients spend 4-6 hours on coursework each week. Clients who see the most success put in the most amount of time and energy. Weeks 1 and 2 are content heavy as we’re building a base with data about you, so you can expect to spend closer to 6 hours of time each week.

How often will I meet with you?

Every week for the first 4 weeks, then again in week 6, and final time in week 8.

At the start of the program, we’ll set a date and time each week that we’ll consistently meet and I'll send you calendar invites to secure those dates and times.

How is the program structured?

It’s formatted so that you can complete it at your own pace and see successes along the way. You and I will be meeting weekly for the first 4 weeks and again in weeks 6 and 8. During our one-on-one meetings we will review your work, so managing your workload is important.

Can I use and implement what I learn DURING the program in work presentations?

1,000% yes. That’s the goal! You’ll take the skills and tools you learn and apply them to your professional presentations to shine.


Have more questions? I’m all for them.
Drop your name, email, and question below and I’ll get back to you.