Stop putting your audience to sleep: Grab The 5 Jaw-dropping Ways To start your presentations
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           You hate public speaking

You have to prepare for your next public speaking presentation. The last time you presented your work,
your audience fell asleep. You've considered fleeing the country, but the smuggler you found on Craigslist wants $10,000 and your 'flee the country' fund is $9,784 short. Bummer.

You search for a public speaking coach instead.

You find me.

I teach you how to give the best presentation in the world.

The day of your presentation arrives.

You own the room.

People are laughing, smiling (and most importantly, fully conscious). Your boss is floored. Carol from accounting silently weeps. Everyone claps. You get a promotion. 

Life is good again.


Soft-spoken rebels, reserved racket makers, and quiet revolutionaries unite

For too long, you've sat on the sidelines, passed over for promotions. Uncredited for your best ideas. Unacknowledged for all the cool stuff you do. You've got stories to tell. Pitches to present. Speeches to deliver. Existential dread to scream into the ether. A fear of speaking up to conquer.

I see you. Now let's get the rest of the room to see you too.

According to most studies, people’s number 1 fear is public speaking.
Number 2 is death.
Death is number 2.

Does that seem right?

- Jerry Seinfeld       

No, Jerry. It doesn't seem right at all. That's why I've spent the past decade perfecting my necromancy and resurrecting people from the dead, so I can permanently cast out the fear public speaking presents for so many business professionals. Also, I gotta stop referencing a stand-up comedy special from 1998, and I can't do that until I hunt down every public speaking spook in corporate America.

Help me get rid of this dated Jerry Seinfield quote. Work on your fear of speaking up.

Work together on your next presentation, pitch, story, or speech

Presentation Punch

Are you about to cobble together another half-baked presentation the night before you gotta present? Yeah? Don’t. Book me instead. 3 sessions, 45-min each. Swifter than Batman doling out justice on the mean streets of Gotham, we’ll put together a presentation with the kind of butt-cheek-smooth delivery your audience can't ignore.

Punch my Presentation

Story Salon

Never start a speech or work presentation with “Hi, my name’s Farah and I work in marketing” again. In the 90-min Salon, we’ll workshop 3-5 of your personal stories and turn them into attention-skewering kebabs you can throw on the proverbial BBQ anytime you need ‘em. People will eat up your words and lick your fingers for scraps. Warning: devastating persuasion will follow.

Salon my Stories

Speak Easy

Let me be Mr. Miyagi to your Karate Kid. Over a 3-month, tailored 1-1 coaching program, we’ll wax your public speaking skills so they shine brighter than a vintage car glinting in the California sun. With me by your side, we’ll hit the dojo (Zoom) for frequent, career-advancing sessions. You’ll walk away with a black belt in confident public speaking. Everyone at the office will notice the difference in you.

TEACH ME, Sensei

Because advice like “imagine everyone in the audience is in their underwear” is about as helpful as a poop-flavored lollipop

If you’ve ever started a presentation with a buzz-killing line like, “Hello everyone, I’m here today to…”, then I can help you. If you’ve ever ended a presentation by thanking everyone for “their attention”, I can help you.

If you’ve ever crammed a 73-slide presentation deck with 54,984 words in size 10, Times New Roman, then I can also help you.

If you’re still unsure about the extent of my many-tendriled skillset, let’s talk about it on a no-cost 20-minute call.

Talk to me

Putting the ‘pub’ in ‘public speaking’ (because everyone will be offering to buy you a drink after that speech)

Champagne-flute-glass-clinking celebrations when you pitch

Approved client budgets for your next creative project

Vigorous handshakes with senior management (if you’re into that kind of thing)

And most of all?

You deserve career advancing confidence.
Courage to stand out and claim credit for your ideas and visibility for the excellent work you do.

Heads will roll (in your direction)

By the time we’re done working together you won’t be able to ignore the difference in your confidence (and neither will anyone else). Not because I’ve taught you some ‘special framework’ for successful public speaking, but because (like Sherlock Holmes scanning a crime scene for clues) we’ve carefully combed through your talents, hobbies, values, interests and credibility, and turned your uniquely-you qualities into audience-grabbing powers for life.

I don’t want you to become a good public speaker despite being an introvert, I want you to become a good public speaker because you’re an introvert.

You’re an asset just the way you are. I want to help you lean right into your natural skills, so you can use the talents you’ve already got to make people sit up and listen your way.

Corporate America’s Deck-Fixing Darling

For 10 years, I gave speeches and worked in roles where up to 85% of my job was giving persuasive presentations to executives. So when I tell you I've been in your shoes, it's no exaggeration.

I've got a pair of your loafers on my desk right now (and the scent of presentation panic on your instep is still fresh).

I started teaching public speaking to frantically pacing colleagues during my lunch breaks. Eventually, I quit corporate to focus on public speaking coaching full-time.

Now I coach and teach well heeled VPs, Directors, Presidents, GMs, department heads, managers and professionals to deliver speeches with high-heeled confidence. In my client's words, my "expertise shines brighter than the sun", and I'm "definitely a secret weapon".

Want the incredible true story of how I went from being a corporate Under Armour employee to coaching people to develop their storytelling armour?

Walk this way

Positively drowning in cheering and accolades

"Hannah took the one thing in my career that terrifies me and turned it into something I'm excited and confident in."
- A happy client

Claim your bounty, weary scroller

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Ready to feel confident when you present and win over audiences? 

Here are the steps you and I will take to see success:

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For too long, you've sat on the sidelines, passed over for promotions. Uncredited for your best ideas. Unacknowledged for all the cool stuff you do. You've got stories to tell. Pitches to present. Speeches to deliver. Existential dread to scream into the ether. A fear of speaking up to conquer. 


I see you. Now let's get the rest of the room to see you too.