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You're capable of giving EXCELLENT, authentic, and engaging presentations.

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Ready to stop stressing over your next presentation?

The Presentation Roadmap will show you how to transform your thoughts, ideas, and overall message into a clear, organized presentation.
Your Presentation Roadmap from Hannah - Public Speaking Coach at Articulate

Whether you've been in your career for 10 years or more, are a gifted creative, or a subject matter expert, you’re in a position where you have to give presentations more frequently thanks to growing responsibilities. You no longer have the option to:

  • Phone presentations in
  • Ask someone else to give them for you
  • Wait until 11:30pm the night before to jot down some notes on a legal pad
  • Recycle slides (yours or someone else's) and cross your fingers that they work

You’re looking for a repeatable presentation strategy and process that will get you results:

  • Builds your confidence
  • Showcases your work and expertise
  • Calms your nerves
  • Improves your presentations across the board

You’ve come to the right place. I help clients like you achieve these goals every day.

Let’s make it happen

Turn your fear into confidence

There are three ways you and I can work together



8-Week Course: Present with Confidence





For nearly 10 years, I lived the college-graduate dream:
I worked in Corporate America.
Unlike most, though, I gave presentations to fortune 500 executives along with multi-million dollar clients. And I loved giving presentations.
Unfortunately, I also watched hundreds of presentations that missed the mark thanks to:

Lack of clarity
No process or structure
The “I’ll just wing it” syndrome
Data overload

I noticed how few professionals put their personal strengths or stories into their work presentations. They opted to share stats and facts instead, which didn't connect or land with their audience.

Instead of watching co-workers and managers struggle, I started spending lunch breaks offering presentation coaching. Those lunch breaks turned into early morning and after work coaching sessions. There was (and still is) a widespread corporate epidemic of poor presentations being created and delivered that I could help change. I started coaching mid-career professionals full time in 2018.



What It's Like To Work With Me


I believe you are capable of being a talented, effective, and persuasive presenter. I see potential in you, and I want you to see that potential in yourself. The foundation of our work together is you.

I believe that you are the secret to a first rate talk on any topic.

You are the missing link between giving ho-hum, dime a dozen presentations that anyone can rustle up, and delivering compelling, memorable, standing-ovation-worthy presentations. When you infuse who you are in a presentation, you come alive as a speaker and your presentation engages your audience.

And that is my goal for you.

Ready to feel confident when you present and win over audiences? 


Here are the steps you and I will take to see success:

step one

Identify your talents, gifts, and strengths.

step two

Develop and enhance your style.

step three

Gain tools, structure, and techniques.

step four

Present with influence, authority, and expertise.
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“The one thing I want everyone to know about working with Hannah is she will absolutely help you get there. Hannah is an inspiring coach who provides a safe space for you to explore your story and bring out the most authentic you. When I first started working with Hannah, I had so many worries about how to focus and talk in a way that made me feel proud and also connected with my audience. She listened, directed me, and helped me finally see the major piece of my brand story I was ignoring, even though it was the most important part!”
Em, Cap n’ Coconut
“Hannah helped me get a lot of clarity around my brand, why I do what I do and how to share it with the world. I loved working with her because she’s fun, creative, endearing and her coaching style is also very easy to understand. I would recommend this service because everyone needs to be able to communicate a message that has an impact and that is true to them. Hannah can really help you do that.”
Audrey Ducas, Audrey Weaves
Hannah’s approach to coaching goes beyond tips and advice. She is a master of her subject, able to coach in nonverbal communication, vocal charisma, and dynamic speaking. The skills I’ve acquired in my sessions with Hannah have equipped me to deliver any speech or present myself publicly in any way. I can’t recommend her enough.
The 10 most common public speaking fears from Hannah - Public Speaking Coach at Articulate


The 10 Most Common 

Public SpeakingFears