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Hey there

I’m Hannah!

Want to know how being locked in a hotel room led me to helping hundreds of professionals present confidently?


Before I started presentation coaching full-time, I was working half of my months in Baltimore, Maryland on a hotel room couch eating bulk salad bar food, watching reruns of The Office, and desperately wishing I was home in Portland, Oregon.

I was living the college graduate dream: Climbing the Corporate America ladder.

And I was miserable.

During one fateful hotel stay, I grabbed the handle on my hotel room door to leave.
Except, the door wouldn’t budge.

Believe it or not I was actually locked inside my hotel room.
It felt like the universe was laughing at me.

Trapped with two massive suitcases, I contemplated my escape routes.
In moments of despair when you think you’re trapped (and I technically was), your mind takes you on a light speed trip from where you are to what really matters:

I didn’t want to be building someone else’s shoe empire in a foreign city living off of bagged lettuce.

I wanted to be doing:

  • work that I loved,
  • work that made a difference, and
  • work that changed people’s lives.

I wanted to help people with their most frightening endeavour in life: giving a presentation.

In fact, I was prepared to break a window, forgo my luggage, and rappel down the side of the hotel (I was on the 7th story) in a “harness” fashioned from bed linens to get home and start making this a reality.

Two crowbars and 60 minutes later,
I was freed of my Thomas Kinkade-painted cage.
This is it, I thought.
This is the wakeup call I needed, just like in the movies.

Similar to most fast-moving professionals, I waited, and put in my two weeks notice months later. Now, I’m finally doing it, I thought. Now I’m making the jump. This is my movie moment.

And then things got worse.
The 10 most common public speaking fears from Hannah - Public Speaking Coach at Articulate


The 10 Most Common 

Public SpeakingFears

my story

Death and a tree house

Three days after leaving corporate America, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen him.

After his funeral, we gathered at my grandparent’s house.
Two of my cousins spied the treehouse in his yard and wanted to explore it.

I’d built this treehouse with my grandfather when I was 16-years-old. He was 74-years-old. Despite his age and carpal tunnel syndrome, he invested his time, energy, love, and life into the people and projects he cared about.

He lived a life that allowed him to do what he loved:
Explore the pacific northwest as a mountaineer and marathoner.
And, build treehouses with his granddaughter.

As I guided my cousins through the treehouse hatch, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was exactly where I needed to be: sitting cross-legged, 20 feet in the air, teaching my cousins crazy eights and hearts.

Life slowed down momentarily, like someone had pushed pause on the world as I sat in my grandparent’s backyard, surrounded by the time, love, energy, and life of my grandfather. 
And he was gone.
But I wasn’t. 

I saw life differently in an instant: 
I wasn’t going to take my calling for granted
I wasn’t going to give away my precious time, energy, and life any longer.

I was going to help transform people, develop their strengths, build them up, and empower them.
Fortunately or not, it’s in the struggle that you find your calling.

Sitting in that treehouse playing cards, I knew I was going to turn my calling and passion into presentation coaching: educating and training professionals on how to articulate their individual voices and styles by making a nerve-wracking experience easy, fun, and rewarding.

Let's start

Are you ready to

  • Identify your talents
  • Transform them into speaking skills
  • Persuade audiences
  • Deliver your messages with confidence (and even a little pizzazz)

Here’s how I can help you achieve all of this and more



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Here’s what really makes me tick:

Born and raised in Portland, OR, I'm addicted to type two fun: 

  1. Getting up at 4:30am to climb a mountain
  2. Running 26.2 miles on a beautiful Saturday
  3. Skiing 35,000 vertical feet in a single day

When I was 12-years-old, I was thrown into the deep end: I had to give a persuasive speech to my entire class. Armed with grit, a vivid imagination, and my wit, I went full throttle on my first speech. Unlike my classmates who felt like throwing up instead of speaking, I was elated to be giving a presentation! I persuaded 19 seventh graders that small dogs are superior to large dogs. At 12-years-old, I knew I was addicted to presenting. Public speaking is in my blood.

I’ve spoken for PDXWIT, Women’s Center for Leadership, WIFS Portland Chapter, Toastmasters, The Moth, and PitchFestNW.

When I’m not in Portland, you can most likely find me on Mt.Hood with my dog, Maggie.