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Company Workshops

No one knows exactly what kind of work you do, or how well you do it, until you put it on display in a presentation. Let’s make sure you and your team are putting your best feet forward in presentations to engage listeners and get results.

Give your employees the presentation skills they need for a successful career.

I work with teams of all sizes to increase their market share and advertise their services more broadly through communication, public speaking, and presentation skills.


What clients have to say:


"Hannah is clearly a master coach, practitioner, and teacher of communications and public speaking. In an engaging, friendly manner, Hannah shared specific techniques with our group on how to communicate for better understanding and impact. She did a great job bringing the audience along with stories, polls and interactive sharing – all while clearly role modeling her expertise with intelligence, charm and humor. For any individual or team wanting to improve in the areas of leadership communications or public speaking, there’s no doubt working with Hannah would net excellent results, quickly. She really turns what for some can be a scary prospect into quite an enjoyable exercise!"


Are you currently doing in-person workshops?

No. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all company workshop training is done online through a variety of platforms.

How can I best prepare my team for a workshop?

Clients see the highest success when they have buy-in from their teams for the workshop. Buy-in looks like engaging your team where it matters: what benefits will they individually see as a result of doing the work?
- Money/time saved
- Productivity gained
- New clients or patients on-boarded
- Rare contracts landed
- Promotions
- Exposure to executive leadership internally and externally

How long are your workshops?

Online workshops range from 45-90 minute sessions depending on the topic, content, team dynamic, and number of attendees. In-person workshops range from 60-90 minutes and are typically multiple sessions.

The length of the workshop and frequency of the workshops depends on the topic, content, engagement level, and number of audience members.

Client workshops consist of a package of three (3) at minimum. The best results and success come from holding workshops every other week to keep content fresh and top of mind.

How much do your workshops cost?

Live, online workshops start at $8,500. In-person workshops and training start at $10,000 plus travel and lodging.

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