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Have more questions? I’ve got answers.

How often do you meet with one-on-one coaching clients?

To see success and the best results from your work, I recommend clients meet with me every week to every two weeks. Think of working with me like learning to play an instrument. One hour with an instructor plus one hour of practice every month isn’t going to teach you to play the violin. Weekly meetings and weekly practice sessions will build your skillset and help you to see results, just like they would learning to play an instrument.

How much work outside of a one-on-one session can I expect?

I expect a lot from my clients.
I tell all of my clients to anticipate 2-3 hours of homework outside of our one-on-one work together. Like anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The clients who see the best results with me invest time and energy into their homework sometimes well beyond the 2-3 expected hours.

Do you write presentations for clients?

No. I offer edits and suggestions to existing presentations that you create.

Can you make me a better public speaker?

No. This is a shock, I know. Keep reading.
Just like a personal trainer cannot make you lose weight.
I do not have a magic wand or a genie in a bottle that can grant you wishes. If you want to become a stronger, more confident public speaker, I can help you get there, but you have to want the results as well as be invested in the process and doing the work for yourself. I can’t make it happen for you.

How do virtual sessions work?

For every virtual session, I will send you a calendar invite and attached Zoom meeting invite. We will review homework and/or upcoming presentations you have.

How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

One of the first steps in overcoming your fear of public speaking is understanding what your fear actually is. You are afraid of an outcome, not public speaking itself. Click here to get your copy of the 10 Most Common Actual Public Speaking Fears.
If you haven’t already clicked the resources tab, click here to find tools, exercises, videos, and free guides on bridling your public speaking anxiety.
Other ways you can work through your jitters: