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Ready to be an Authentic, impactful, and engaging speaker?

In 10 weeks, you'll learn how to build your confidence, create connection with your audience that leaves an irresistible impression, and package + polish your performance so that you can advance in your career.

Let's make it happen in Present With Confidence.



Present with Confidence

Giving you the visibility you need to get noticed

You’re ready to up your presentation skills, communicate confidently in front of executives, and rest easy knowing you finally have a reliable, repeatable process for public speaking poise and success that will accelerate your career growth.


Is this you?

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You’re responsible and you plan ahead, but you question if your ideas are worthwhile, and why your audience would listen to what you have to say. In fact, you shop your ideas around to others to make sure they’re sound because you don’t trust your inner voice and own guidance. You find yourself thinking, “anyone on my team/in my department/with my title can share the same information, so why does it matter if I share it?"

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You write out all of your speeches and presentations you’ll be giving to executive leadership almost word for word. You try to memorize them, even though you’ve been told “you’re so good off-the-cuff.” When it comes time to present, your speech notes drag you down: Your voice loses its shine and you sound dull, flat, monotone, and unemotional. It’s as if your natural charisma has dried up.

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You stress about giving a presentation because, deep down, you’re afraid people won’t listen or actually care about what you have to share. Besides, you think, someone else has already shared this same information before, so why do people need to hear it from you? You end up phoning in your presentations because who really cares anyway?

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You're ready for a promotion. You have the experience and skills necessary, but you're stuck. You can't seem to communicate what you do effectively when you're in front of senior leadership or executives in a way that makes them notice you or care. Your information is dry, forgettable, and perhaps even unrelatable.  There’s a tiny voice inside your head that says you need to be better at delivering your message and making it memorable.


"Hannah’s Present with Confidence course was exactly what I was looking for after returning to the workforce following a 3-year hiatus. After the first week under her tutelage I wished I had taken this course during my early years of broadcast television.

What I learned from her course has not only elevated my confidence while presenting, but these “communication tools” have been put to the test in other areas of my life. My ability to connect and communicate with others, personally and professionally has already improved."

-Jenna K.

Imagine if...

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You knew the value and magic in the way you present - you knew the keys to your style, how to unlock your confidence, and take meaningful action to prepare a killer speech.

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You stopped spinning your wheels while destroying your cuticles and took actionable steps toward a slam-dunk presentation.

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You were able to sleep soundly the night before a presentation because you knew exactly why and how your presentation was going to stand out and kick a$$.

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You knew not only what to say, but more importantly, how to say it and nail your delivery.

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You were recognized, included in high-stakes meetings, and seen as a candidate worthy of promotions and salary increases.

10 week program

Present With Confidence

Is an 10-week professional development program focused on your presentation skills

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Convert your natural talents into speaking skills to feel comfortable in the spotlight as you.

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Create a personal speaking confidence formula that you can apply to any future presentation, meeting, or interview

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Learn and practice the fundamentals of a persuasive presentation so you’re prepared to speak, not left speechless or scrambling

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Practice techniques to finesse your delivery to keep listeners engaged and on the edges of their work from home chairs

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Work with me for guidance and coaching to uncover your capabilities and talents while getting a boost of confidence.

This course is your blueprint for confidence, authenticity, and influence as a presenter.

Present With Confidence is uniquely designed to first show you your inner strengths and second, how to put them on display in a presentation for maximum results.

Let’s make it happen

Here’s how it works

Each week we'll work together to master a different part of your skill set, confidence, nerves, presentations, slides, and more.

Week One

Craft language that resonates and connects with everyone from peers and executives

Week Two

Identify and examine your unique skills, gifts, and expertise to stand out, not fit in

Week Three

Find what makes your confidence tick so you can amplify it

Week Four

Tell stories that captivate

Week Five

Decode your audience's expectations to deliver exactly what they want to hear

Week Six

Master persuasion: what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to be captivating

Week Seven

Develop structure for your presentations so they get results

Week Eight

Find what makes your confidence tick so you can amplify it

Week Nine

Find what makes your confidence tick so you can amplify it

Week Ten

Find what makes your confidence tick so you can amplify it


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This course is for you if

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You feel stuck. You're constantly dealing with anxiety, nerves, and fear when you’re asked to give a presentation and want a plan to feel confident, poised, and self-assured.

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You’re accomplished in your field of expertise, but when it comes to talking about yourself, your team, and your results, you struggle to be clear and articulate which is tough because you know you’re missing opportunities to shine.

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You drag your feet when you have to present. You know it’s probably good exposure for you and your career, but it’s just so daunting that you can’t find the time to properly prepare a speech, let alone know if what you’ve written is worthwhile.

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You've noticed how seamlessly others infuse their personality in a presentation and wish you knew how to do that. You’re ready to maximize your speaking potential and take charge of your nerves.

Present With Confidence can help you...

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Get clear on what makes you come alive as a presenter

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Show you how to craft a personalized confidence formula that will build you up

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Stand out as an expert worth listening to with valuable insights, results, and content

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Build the kind of clout that comes with totally crushing a presentation

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Deliver clear, concise, and effective messages

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Be seen as a confident, poised professional worth promoting



By the end of Present With Confidence, you can...

Channel your nerves into excitement so that you look, feel, and sound confident when you present.

Actually find joy in creating your next presentation because you know what works for you and how to amplify your strengths

Logically organize your thoughts, articulate your message, and speak to your audience in a way that resonates with them.
Speak off the cuff without rambling, draft a presentation in under 30 minutes, tell personal stories, and use your talents to effectively communicate and persuade.
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Your COach
Daily, I work with clients like you who want to feel more confident and less afraid when it comes to presenting. Like you, they’re committed to improving, getting results, and seeing success.
But, that's far from easy. Tackling your public speaking fears and nerves, unlearning poor advice, and re-framing harsh criticism you’ve received in the past can feel like rolling a boulder uphill alone.

Believe me, I get it: I don’t know how to cook. I’ve put off learning how to cook for so long by telling myself “you’re not good at cooking,” letting my husband do the lion’s share (OK, fine, all of it), and purchasing takeout.

The result?

I’ve developed nerves and anxiety around cooking. It now feels like this mountain I have to climb, but am wholly unprepared, and what if I mess up?

Sound familiar?

You’ve put off focusing on your presentation skills and building confidence as a speaker for years.

You’ve probably even told yourself that you’re not good at presenting.

It’s gotten to the point that you’ve developed some big nerves and fear around speaking as a result. Perhaps some of those nagging feelings have felt like they’ve always existed, but they’ve persisted.

I get it.

My job is to help you identify your strengths, convert them into presentation skills, and build a proven process for presentations that will allow you to stress less, and feel confident. I’ve worked with clients on their presentation skills for over 10 years now, and I know you are full of public speaking potential.

I believe you’re incredibly skilled. I can’t wait to show you what I see in you, and see you start believing in yourself.

What else is included?

Along with learning how to convert your natural talents into speaking skills, you'll also get:

  • 25+ Reusable workbooks and PDFs to revisit for all future presentations
  • 20+ Videos of content to show you how the work is done
  • Group coaching calls with specific-to-you guidance, advice, and ideas
  • Ongoing weekly support throughout the program
  • Public speaking skills for life


Ready to feel CONFIDENt when you present?

Want to finally give presentations With confidence, that persuade audiences, and get results?

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Your Investment: $3,500.00 USD

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The goal of Present With Confidence is for you to become a more confident, effective, and informed public presenter.

You’ll achieve this by first analyzing and understanding your specific talents and second, how to amplify them through researching, implementing, developing, and improving your speaking skills and techniques.


How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?

This program works as hard as you work. I've had clients that have poured in 4-6 hours a week, and some who have spent 2 hours per week. Clients who see the most success put in the most amount of time and energy. Weeks 1 and 2 are content heavy as we’re building a base with data about you, so you can expect to spend more time on this program in the first 2 weeks than the last 6 weeks.

How often will I meet with you?

Every week there will be a group coaching call where you'll get the opportunity to speak and receive personalized feedback!

How is the program structured?

It’s formatted so that you can complete it at your own pace and see successes along the way.

Can I use and implement what I learn DURING the program in work presentations?

1,000% yes. That’s the goal! You’ll take the skills and tools you learn and apply them to your professional presentations to shine.

What's your 365-day guarantee?

I guarantee you'll see results and changes from this program in 365 days or less if you put in the work, time, and energy. If you are not presenting with more confidence, authenticity, and impact after 365 days, then I’ll refund you. I'll ask for you to show proof of having done the work, given presentations, and tested techniques and tools found in the program. Yes, I'm that certain of the power of your presentation skills being the keys to seeing professional growth!


Have more questions? I’m all for them.
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