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Pick up ALL-EYES-ON-YOU public speaking skills and DROP THE MIC on your next corporate presentation. 

Become the person in the office who is KNOWN for the way they do presentations.
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Got a presentation coming up in the next 2-4 weeks?


Together, we’ll light a fire under your ass(ets) and get you confidently presenting your ideas. Think Tim Cook dropping a keynote for Apple. Would Tim sweat in a toilet cubicle before his presentation? Nope. And neither will you. You're Tim Cook Cool.


Book 3 firecracker 45-min sessions to get:


The ultimate brainstorming session. Download doubts. Zero in on your audience. Nail your goal.

Structure like the Golden Gates bridge. Examples. Metaphors. Your whole story line laid out and ready to lift your presentation deck out of dullsville and into places like a new corner office (because your deck got you promoted. Go you!)

Practice makes perfect. You’re not leaving without a presentation which sits right and sounds comfortable inside your mouth. You’re the 1 speaking it. So you’ve got to believe in it, be confident in speaking it, and deliver it with conviction.


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1:1 Public speaking coaching

Yeahhh, we're going to need you to present. Cue: Sweat glands.


Does the thought of having to present give you the shivers and fill you with nerves? But you’re also curious to learn about how to maximize your potential?


Turn off your presentation anxiety and turn up your public speaking skill so you can take up space and own the damn room.

Whether you're speaking more regularly, or you want a stronger baseline of presentation skills and to understand what makes you come alive as a speaker, 1:1 coaching will help you succeed at helping you find your inner-Oprah so you present at your personal best every time.

We'll work on your speaking skills in three distinct phases: First, build up your speaking confidence, because it's likely taken a hit. Second, you'll learn how to make a Rom-com-like instant connection with any audience (minus the rom, of course). Finally, package and polish your delivery so you can give Oscar-winning-like presentations.

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Tired of spinning your wheels and pining for that post-presentation recognition that Sandy in sales gets every time?

Done feeling like giving a presentation is the 6th level of Hell?

If you're not explaining your value when you present, your audience doesn't know the value you offer.

If you're bogging down your presentations in corporate buzz words, your listeners are scrolling through TikTok.

If you're paralyzed by fear or anxiety and keep waiting to "feel less afraid" without taking action, that day will never come. Confidence only comes after you've made a move.

Stop going it alone.
Say yes to the dress.

Add me to your arsenal so you get that coveted nod from Monica in marketing, raucous applause, or slack channel praise for your mic drop presentation.

Let's make it happen. Click here to become the person in the office who is KNOWN for the way they do presentations.