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Are you ready to ATTRACT CONFIDENCE into your life? Present with LESS STRESS? Have a PROVEN PROCESS that delivers a magnetic message?
You’ll learn how to use your innate talents to persuade, properly outline a presentation, make fair assumptions about your audience, and master your unique delivery for maximum impact.
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Whether you’re a tenured executive, an astute creative, an expert in your field, or you simply find yourself in a position where you have to give presentations more frequently thanks to growing responsibilities, improving your presentation skills won’t just get you presentation results.

You’ll see success and results across multiple areas of your life.

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8-Week Course: Present with Confidence


Speaker’s Society

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Whether you find yourself speaking more regularly and want to improve, or you want to establish a stronger baseline of presentation skills and understand what makes you come alive as a speaker, one-on-one coaching will help you succeed at being your personal best every time you present.

8-Week Course: Present with Confidence

In 9 weeks, you’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of creating a presentation to finessing your delivery. This course is your blueprint for confidence, authenticity, and influence as a presenter.

This course is for you if you’ve had “work on my public speaking skills” on your to-do list, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You’re someone that needs the extra push and forced focus, like signing up for a 4-week exercise boot camp that you know you can commit your time and energy to. This is your bootcamp, just without the leg-warmers and leotards, for presenting. (If you want to wear leg warmers, I’m all for it.)

Here’s how it works

You will spend nine dedicated weeks with me getting it done: honing your abilities, transforming your natural talents into presentation skills, acquiring 2,500 year old tested methods, and becoming skilled in persuasion.

  • Identify your unique talents, gifts, and strengths.
  • Develop and enhance your style.
  • Gain tools, structure, and techniques.
  • Present with influence, authority, and expertise.
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Monthly Speaker’s Society

Need more here: You know you need to work on your presentation skills, but aren’t ready to go down the rabbit hole


I work with teams of all sizes to help them deliver effective, clear, winning presentations. Most teams are looking for their employees to communicate trust, credibility, expertise, thoughtful planning, and quality results. I help teams achieve this through working on the following skills:

  • Understanding the foundations of a great presentation
  • Creating and delivering compelling visual aids
  • Increasing impact through delivery skills
  • Navigating the transition from collaborator to expert
  • Identifying and creating magnetism as a public speaker
  • Owning and controlling Q&A

Ready to hand over the presentation reins to your team and know they’ll deliver with confidence?


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Here are some easy questions to help point you in the right direction:

Is it hard for you to carve out the time to focus on building your presentation skills?
Wish you had accountability to really make progress in a short period of time?

My 9-week course is a fit for you.
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Does the thought of having to present give you the shivers and fill you with nerves?
But you’re also curious to learn about how to maximize your potential?
 One-on-one Coaching is for you.
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Is speaking off the cuff hard? Feel like the cat’s got your tongue?
Can’t get your thoughts organized and verbalized?
Curious to learn how to speak more clearly and concisely in the moment?
 One-on-one Coaching is for you.
My Speaker’s Society is the key
Does your team have unrealized potential when it comes to presentations?
Want to see them really grow and knock their speeches out of the park?
Let’s talk more about how I can help you and your team.

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