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Storytelling Tool

Tell stories that rouse your audience

Stories swirl around you daily from hearing about a friend's vacation to commiserating with a horrendous airline experience. You tell them, you hear them, you exchange them like spoken currency.

If you share them so often, they've got to be a breeze..right?

Telling an effective story from start to finish is like an Olympic sport. It requires practice, strategy, coaching, timing, feedback, and more of that pesky "p" word - practice.

Terrifically told stories, especially the ones embedded in presentations, have structure. In fact, the best-told stories have a distinct framework. They're told so effectively and seamlessly that you don't notice the deliberate moments of framing, build-up, and callbacks.

Use this storyboard tool to format your adventures so your listener's can experience optimal enjoyment, guffaws, and happy tears.


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Understanding Your Audience

The number one question you need to be answering when you speak is...

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Audiences are always asking "What's in it for me"

By speaking to what your audience's want to hear from you, you can showcase your talents, persuade listeners, and get results .