Stop putting your audience to sleep: Grab The 5 Jaw-dropping Ways To start your presentations
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When you start speaking, you have less than 30 seconds to grab your audience's attention

These are do or die, life and death, public speaking seconds

Instead of spending this precious half minute by sharing your name (your audience already knows your name), thanking Matt in Marketing, (your audience doesn't care about Matt In Marketing), pointing at Frank with finger guns (pocket those pistols), or telling your audience "I'm so excited to be here today" (your audience hears this line all the time - they're as numb to it as you are when you get a Novocaine shot before a cavity fill), do this instead:

Grab your audience's attention.
Super-glue their eyes to you.

Like a tourist visiting a foreign country, your audience wants to know what's in your presentation for them, and a map straight to it. They decide if you have anything worth listening to in 29 seconds or less.

Let's make sure they decide you're worth listening to.
Let's make sure they're interested.

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  • Warning: When used as intended, this guide can have drastic side effects. These include but are not limited to the following: Gaining the attention and eyes of senior leadership, year end bonuses, title changes, and salary increases. You have been properly cautioned.

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Public speaking is a business of attention-grabbing.

If you hook your listener's attention, you have the best chances of making an impact.
Without their attention, you're fishing without bait.

Or, as Mr. Darcy (sort of) says, "your audience's attention once lost, is lost forever."