Stop putting your audience to sleep: Grab The 5 Jaw-dropping Ways To start your presentations
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General PSA:
This is a public speaking gateway drug.

You may get addicted to starting your presentations without your name, title, or "thank you."

Known side effects of improving your presentation openings with this guide (or public speaking coaching) include but are not limited to: Captivating presentations, promotions, salary increases, bonuses, and overall career advancement.

Use with caution. Prepare yourself for applause. And silent weeping from Carol in accounting.

You've been warned.
5 Jaw-Dropping Ways To Start
Your Presentations
Win the hearts, minds, and attention of your audience in under 30 seconds.

Still here?
Still wondering why the actual first words out of your mouth matter so much that I dedicated 9 months of my life on a desert island to create a guide that will save your presentation bacon?

Get this: Audiences decide in less than 30 seconds if you have anything worth listening to. Google it.
...And if they decide you don't? They "work" on their phones while "listening to you at the same time" AKA scroll TikTok.

Most people (and I know you're not most people) spend that precious first half minute like they're trapped at a 1960s Debutante ball in a too tight suit or dress + corset torture device. Filled with nerves, anxiety, fear, and trepidation.
They narrate polite thank yous. They verbally shake hands and say "I'm thrilled to be here." They introduce themselves like they're (desperately) looking for a dance partner. They think their name + job title will win a dance.

I say this next sentence with all the love and kindness in my heart:

Your audience does not care about thank yous, how thrilled you are to be here, or what your name and job title are.